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"The cousin leads the girl up the great stairway to the long hallway where paintings and ribbons and medals decorate the blue walls." Reference: page 197

The young Maria and her messenger angel. The Annunciation, in marble, sculpture by Antonio Gagini in 1540.

"u Ruccazzu", Rocca Calanna. "He whips the reins and looks out in the distance where a lone rock rises in the landscape." Reference: page 256

Via Grisley, where Vincenza and the Narrator lived and where my great-grandmother moved when she remarried. The house with the graffiti on the door was her home.

This modern sculpture/monument was commissioned to be placed below the steps leading to the Piazza San Vito (the highest point in Bronte) where five Brontese were shot on August 10, 1860, the orders given by Garibaldi's lieutenant, Nino Bixio, in response to a peasant uprising in early August. Alfiu Saitta is pure invention, but the uprising and expeditious trial and punishment are not.

"Ficarindia? Prickly pears?" The cousin cups her mouth. "Why the very thought..." Reference: page 273.

"It's good that we live in Bronti and not Rannazzu. It's a bad town with black churches and chambers 'neath the ground..." Reference: page 169. The beautiful cathedral in the beautiful town of Randazzo.

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