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Nunzio Lupo, cousin and historian, with me on a hilltop overlooking Bronte.

One of Bronte's winding roads.

"'Neath the archway, Vincenza leans on the small shrine cut in the stone. She kisses her fingers and squeezes them up through the iron gill past the flowers to pat the statue's feet." Reference: page 33.

"So close to me she is now, passing 'neath the low, round archway of the neighborhood 'a Maronna ri Loretu." Reference: page 32.

Via Madonna di Loreto, where my grandmother lived and where the "girl" and her mother live.

BRONTE, or as the Narrator refers to his town, BRONTI.

"Behind a forest of vines, the sandstone walls of the Castle hide." Reference: p. 121

"The Great Stairway" in Nelson's Castle.

Grandma's church in Bronte, the sanctuary Maria SS. Annunziata where "the young Maria and her angel messenger make their home above the altar..." Reference: page 147.


Italian Cypress trees.

My table with a view at the Saratoga Springs Public Library where Nelson's Castle was written.

The glasses and decanter used aboard The Victory the night before Admiral Nelson died. Reference: pages 209-210.

Admiral Horatio Nelson signing his name, "Nelson and Bronte."

Nelson's Castle.

The Park at Nelson's Castle.

The Celtic Cross at Nelson's Castle which was erected after 1877.

"There, where the old olive groves meet the new..." Reference: page 94.

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